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About Young Allied Health…

At Young Allied Health, we value using evidence-based and goal driven strategies to improve our clients health and wellbeing. We offer a highly personalized exercise experience for children and adults.

What is a sports and exercise physiologist?

An accredited sports and exercise physiologist is a qualified allied health professional who has completed a university degree in sports science and exercise physiology. They are qualified in the assessment of movement and how the body responds to exercise. With this knowledge, they can design exercise programs to promote health and well-being in a way that is safe and achievable for individuals with a variety of health conditions.

Gross Motor Skills

(e.g. walking, running, climbing stairs, catching, throwing)

Fine Motor Skills

(e.g. writing, cutting, manipulating small objects)




Fitness and Endurance

Services for kids.

What makes our services for kids so great?

We understand that exercise for kids has to be fun. We’re putting the play back into sports and exercise to help children enjoy and engage with getting active. Our sessions are goal-driven through play-based exercise to improve strength, stability, and coordination. We offer both individual and group (maximum of three participants) sessions for children.

Children who may benefit from our services include:

  • Children with autism
  • Children with cerebral palsy
  • Children with Down syndrome
  • Children with global developmental delay.

Services for adults.

For adults, we enjoy completing functional assessment of movement and designing unique exercise plans to suit an individual’s needs to help them reach their full potential.

Some of the individuals we may work with include:

  • Adults with a disability (e.g. cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, spina bifida)
  • Individuals who have suffered a stroke
  • Individuals who have experiences a physical trauma (e.g. car crash, industrial accidents)
  • Individuals with chronic health conditions


What will exercise physiology look like?

You will be required to attend an initial consultation to complete a functional assessment of movement, and set realistic and achieve goals to work towards with your exercise plan. Following this goal-setting, the exercise physiologist will devise which exercises are suitable to help you achieve the end result you are looking for. Safety and promotion of well-being through correctly completing the exercise is the top priority for the exercise physiologist.


Young Allied Health is an NDIS approved provider. Clients with an NDIS plan can access our services with no out-of-pocket expense.

Clients who are covered with private health may be able to claim a partial refund for services provided through their private health fund.

Clients with a referral through a GP may be eligible for a partial rebate through Medicare.

Our team.

Matthew Strickland

Sports and Exercise Physiologist

Growing up in Innisfail, Matt relocated to Townsville to complete his degree at James Cook University. He enjoys helping people be active and improving their strength and functioning through individually tailored programs. In his spare time, Matt enjoys training in Tai-Kwon-Do.

Jessica Young


Jessica studied at James Cook University in Townsville where she received her Bachelor of Speech Pathology with Honours. In 2014, Jessica opened Young Speech Pathology to provide speech therapy services for children. Jessica is passionate about helping children achieve their potential in all areas of life, which led to the opening of Young Allied Health in 2017. Jessica is a Townsville local and enjoys reading, music, and spending time with her family.

Where we meet.

To ask further questions, or organise an appointment for your child, please contact us on the details below.
All our sports and exercise appointments take place in our premises at 4 Cooper St, Currajong.

Phone – 0408 166 506
Email – admin@younghealth.co


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