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“What you believe about a person will influence what they can achieve and who they can become.”

Working with children to move, engage and learn.
Our Beliefs

At Young Allied Health, we believe each child is wonderfully unique. We believe every individual deserves the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. That's why we're so passionate about helping children with all abilities to achieve their best self.

We enjoy working with children aged 0-17 years with autism, developmental delays, disability, or learning difficulties. We offer speech pathology and occupational therapy to provide holistic care for your child.

Our Values

Family-centered Practice

– We respect each of our clients, their families, and the importance and uniqueness of each family unit.
– We respect our staff members, their families, and their valuable to our practice.
– We respect the family wishes, aspirations, and beliefs of each of our clients and include family members in goal setting, treatment, and care.


– Whenever possible, we do what we say we’re going to do.
– We follow through on our promises or activities with staff and clients.

Quality Care

– We strive to provide the highest possible quality of care for each client.
– We seek to go the extra mile and deliver services that consistently exceed the client’s expectations.
– We strive to provide a comfortable and flexible environment for all clients and staff to allow every individual to feel welcome.


– We have an attitude of positive expectation that each client has the capacity to achieve their goals.
– We presume competence for all of our clients and expect that they can learn new skills and capabilities.
– We hold these expectations because we believe: “what you believe about a person will influence what they can achieve and who they can become”.

About Us

Young Allied Health was originally opened as Young Speech Pathology in early 2014 by speech pathologist and director Jessica Young. Jessica is a Townsville local who is passionate about helping children achieve their greatest potential and being successful communicators.

Jessica’s dream for the business is to create a quality multidisciplinary clinic that provides holistic and quality care for children and their families. In line with this goal, in 2018 the business expanded from just offering speech pathology services to occupational therapy.

At Young Allied Health, we understand that each family is different and every child is unique. That is why we value family centered practice and strive to offer therapy that is flexible and sensitive to the needs of each individual family. Holistic care considers the ‘whole’ child – this includes their family!

Our Services – Speech Pathology

What is a speech pathologist?

A speech pathologist is a university trained allied health professional who is qualified to work with individuals in the following areas:


Using our teeth, tongue, lips, jaw and palate to make sounds.


Receptive language: comprehension of language.
Expressive language: the ability to express ideas, thoughts and feelings using words. Literacy skills.
Pragmatics (social skills): the way we use our language‍ socially.


How our voice sounds when we talk.
This is affected by features such as loudness (too loud, too soft), pitch (too high, too low), and quality (rough, breathy, harsh).


How fluent our speech is – a breakdown in fluency is known as stuttering.

Swallowing & Mealtimes

Getting food and liquid safely from our mouth to our tummy.
Working with picky eaters to increase their range of foods eaten and the total volume of food consumed.

Our Services – Occupational Therapy

What is an occupational therapist?

An occupational therapist (OT) is a university qualified allied health professional who works with people to improve their ability to do the activities they want and need to in all aspects of life. This includes things like, self-care, schooling, play, hobbies and interests. These activities are what OTs call ‘occupations’. The main goal of occupational therapy is to empower people to participate in the everyday occupations of their life.

OTs assist your child with:

– Self-care (brushing teeth, getting dressed, lacing shoes)
– Toilet Training
– Sensory regulation
– Behavioural regulation
– Fine motor skills (handwriting, cutting, typing)
– Visual integration
– Feeding and mealtimes

OTs improve these skills by:

– Self-care (brushing teeth, getting dressed, lacing shoes)
– Building the child’s knowledge and skills
– Finding new ways or adaptive ways of doing activities
– Changing the environment to suit the needs of the child

Appointment Structure

Therapy for your child will be tailored to suit your child’s individual needs, preferences and interests.
It is most common for the following order of appointments to be required.

Initial Consultation

We like to begin our first session as a relaxed ‘information gathering’ session to allow your child to become familiar with the therapist and setting. This appointment will usually consist of play-based observations, informal assessment and parent interview.

Formal Assessment

Following this initial appointment, it is necessary to conduct a formal assessment to allow us to establish the most appropriate plan for treatment. You will be provided with a comprehensive formal report following this assessment.


Concluding assessment, you may wish to book your child in for a series of therapy appointments. You can book for a weekly or fortnightly therapy appointment that will be reserved on a recurring basis for a semester (two school terms).

At the start of a new semester, you will be offered the same time if you wish to continue with your booking or you can elect to change your appointment if required.

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