While You Wait

Waiting for services

In recent years, across Australia we have observed a significant increase in demand for therapy services. Paired with this increased demand, we have experienced a lack of supply with insufficient numbers of clinicians entering the field. Unfortunately, this has lead to nationwide issues with waitlists for services.


Families are routinely subjected to 6-12 month (or longer) wait periods for allied health services. This wait time is considerably worse in rural and remote regions. We know that it is essential for children with delayed development that they access early intervention, but these critical development windows are being wasted with excessive time spent on wait lists.


We don’t have a solution for the wait list problem, but as an interim measure, we developed While You Wait Therapy Solutions as a measure to help families get started on their therapy journey while they’re waiting for an appointment with a clinician.


We understand that it is extremely frustrating for parents who are unable to access services in a timely manner. We want to provide practical resources and information to families who are currently waiting for therapy services, or accessing therapy and looking for other ways to implement strategies at home.


Our While You Wait resources were designed so that you can kick-start your child’s journey to success at home. Your subscription allows you unlimited access to our growing resource library with clinician-led webinars, printable therapy resources, and evidence-based information sheets. It’s accessible to families immediately. The resources are available via an affordable monthly subscription and there are no cancellation fees. The subscription is also NDIS claimable.


It's not a replacement for therapy, but our attempt is to bridge the gap for families who cannot access or are waiting services.


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Not keen on a subscription to While You Wait but would like to check out the shop of therapy resources available? Check out the While You Wait store - it has a curated selection of quality therapy resources, hand-picked by our therapists.