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Young Allied Health was originally opened as Young Speech Pathology in early 2014 by speech pathologist and founding director Jessica Young. Jessica is a Townsville local who is passionate about helping children achieve their greatest potential and being successful communicators.

Jessica’s dream for the business is to create a quality multidisciplinary clinic that provides holistic and quality care for children and their families. In line with this goal, in 2018 the business expanded from just offering speech pathology services to occupational therapy.

At Young Allied Health, we understand that each family is different and every child is unique. That is why we value family centered practice and strive to offer therapy that is flexible and sensitive to the needs of each individual family. Holistic care considers the ‘whole’ child – this includes their family!

Code of Conduct

Young Allied Health is committed to providing high quality services within every aspect of our practice. This code of conduct details the ethical and professional obligations that all staff are expected to adhere to. Our code of conduct acknowledges the moral and ethical responsibility of our therapists and support teams to each other, people with a disability, their families and their communities and supports.

This code is a public statement about professional accountability and our promise to employees, clients, and industry partners as we endeavor to deliver the highest quality services possible.

Our code of conduct includes:

1. Our values
2. How we demonstrate our values through our behaviour
3. Out ethical and professional intent
4. How we measure our impact
5. Our commitment to the National Standards for Disability Services
6. Our commitment to working within the codes of conduct for NDIS and disability workers
7. Our therapist’s commitment to their respective regulatory and registration bodies
8. Individual declarations

We demonstrate our values through the following behaviours:

Family Centered Practice

– We respect each of our clients, their families, and the importance and uniqueness of each family unit.
– We respect our staff members, their families, and their value to our practice.
– We respect the family wishes, aspirations, and beliefs of each of our clients and include family members in goal setting, treatment, and care.


– Wherever possible, we do what we say we’re going to do.
– We follow through on our promises or activities with staff and clients.


– We strive to provide the highest possible quality of care for each client.
– We seek to go the extra mile and deliver services that consistently exceed the client’s expectations.
– We strive to provide a comfortable and flexible environment for all clients and staff to allow every individual to feel welcome.


– We have an attitude of positive expectation that each client has the capacity to achieve their goals.
– We presume competence for all of our clients and expect that they can learn new skills and capabilities.
– We hold these expectations because we believe “what you believe about a person will influence what they can achieve and who they can become”.

We always act ethically and with the utmost professionalism. We demonstrate this through:


– All staff are familiar with the Young Allied Health code of conduct and use it always
– This code will apply in all circumstances and at all times when working or otherwise representing Young Allied Health.
– All staff are also familiar with the National Disability code of conduct and uphold its values always.
– All therapists act in accordance with the codes of conduct as set out by their professional regulatory bodies (AHPRA and SPA).


– We respect each of our clients as their own unique individuals.
– We respect the families of our clients.
– We always act with professionalism and in a respectful and courteous manner.
– We respect all staff and their individual values.
– We treat everyone with fairness and respect and do not discriminate against anyone based on their sex, age, race, health status, marital status, disability, political conviction, or trade union associations.
– We respect the families of our clients.
– We respect company property. This includes use of funds, equipment, technology, records and confidential information.


– We are committed to the protection of personal privacy.
– Staff are respectful of confidential information and will keep this information confidential during their work, afterwards, and into the future.
– We are careful about the storage of confidential information and ensure we store this information securely.


– All staff maintain their appropriate qualifications and registrations required for their profession.
– All staff are committed to ongoing professional development to further their skills and expertise.
– We foster an attitude of continuous learning and improvement within the business and are always looking for ways to improve and innovate our services.
– We value the feedback of clients, staff, and external stakeholders and use this feedback to implement ongoing quality improvement.


– We always conduct ourselves in a professional manner.
– We adhere to our respective discipline’s code of conducts and scope of practice.


– We promote a culture of safety in all that we do to protect the well-being and safety of our staff, clients, their families.
– We will not use any form of physical or verbal abuse in the workplace.
– We will not tolerate bullying, harassment, or discrimination in the workplace.
– We do not perform tasks where there is a risk to our safety or to the safety of others.
– We report any workplace safety risks to the Manager as soon as possible.
– We do not smoke during work hours unless it is during prescribed breaks and within designated areas.
– We report any serious misconduct, abuse or neglect to the NQSC.

Integrity and Honesty

– Wherever possible, we do what we say we are going to do.
– We tell the truth.
– We are transparent about our services and processes to the families we work with.

Legal Requirements and Breaches

– We must be truthful in all declarations we make and comply with all laws, policies, procedures, rules, regulations, contracts, and all lawful and reasonable directions from Young Allied Health.
– Any violations of law, ethical principles, policies and this code of conduct must be promptly reported to the Director.
– Any staff member who acts in breach to this code or breaks the law may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

We measure our impact by:

Family Centred Practice

Families are consulted for input at all stages of the therapy process, including intake, assessment, goal setting, therapy, and discharge.

Positive Outcomes

Measured by clients achieving goals.

Clinical Excellence

Staff must maintain ongoing clinical learning and professional development.

Values in Action

Staff must demonstrate behaviours that our aligned to our values 100% of the time.

We understand and embed the National Standards for Disability Services into our everyday work.

All members of Young Allied Health are familiar with, understand, and have access to the National Standards for Disability Services.

We understand our obligations and act in accordance with the Code of Conduct for NDIS providers.

– Respect the rights of the person
– Respect privacy
– Deliver services competently
– Act with integrity
– Prevent violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation
– Prevent sexual misconduct

Read more about the NDIS Code of Conduct.

Therapy Code of Conduct

Our therapists must hold the necessary registrations with their professional regulatory bodies (AHPRA or SPA) and must uphold their codes of conduct.

Speech Pathology Australia Code of Ethics

Occupational Therapy Code of Conduct

Feedback and Complaints

Young Allied Health welcomes feedback and values the input from our clients to help with the continuous improvement of our services. If the client wishes to give the provider feedback, make suggestions, or make a complaint, the client can talk to their allocated therapist, the director of Young Allied Health, or submit here online.

Alternatively, you can download a digital copy of our 'feedback, complaints, suggestions, and disputes form.'

Phone (07) 4723 5985
Email – admin@youngallied.com

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